Jumpstart Your Midlife Mojo

By Getting Out Of Hormonal Poverty

So That You Can Get

Into Your Jeans, Off The Couch,

& Back Into Life...

...Without Your Doctor's Permission Or Leaving Your House!

The Challenge Starts In:


Dr. Kyrin Seen In:

“I’m tired of feeling sick and tired. I just want to


feel good in my own body, but I don’t even have

 the time or energy to start. I’ve tried every diet

 program, prescription drug, and routine you

 can imagine, but I still don’t feel good.....

Does this sound like you?

  You’re tired and frustrated. Your moods are all over the place and you’ve never felt this way before. You’re ready for change, but you don’t even know where to get started...

You want to eat right, but there’s so much conflicting diet information. When it comes to exercise, you do too much or too little, but nothing seems right...

“My doctor tells me it’s normal to be tired and have no sex drive at this stage of life, but if this is normal, I don’t want it....

Your doctor just gave you five prescriptions for your varying symptoms, but you know it’s not the answer...

You're not getting answers that resolve your symptoms. You’re ready for a better solution, but you don’t even know how to get started or who to turn to for support...

“No matter what I do or what program I try, I just can’t seem to lose the weight. I feel unattractive and uncomfortable in my own skin....

You’ve done it all and then some, but you STILL haven’t achieved the results you were promised. Feeling good is starting to feel like a distant dream...

OK, maybe you never expected to feel like you were in your 20s again, but is waking up feeling energized & optimistic about life really too much to ask...

Listen, you deserve to feel good
You don’t deserve to suffer, 

and I’m here to help you experience hormone bliss

and get your mojo back...

Master Midlife And Get Unstuck

Hormone Bliss Isn’t About Getting By

Symptoms at Midlife can send you the stimulant route where you can’t get through the day without sugar or coffee to "wind up" or wine to "wind down".

It’s Not About Masking Symptoms With Drugs

It’s not enough to address the symptoms, you have to tackle the root-cause, but you probably already knew that. 

You just don’t know where to begin...

Your Doctor Doesn’t Have This Information To Share

You won’t get hormone bliss in your doctor’s office. There is no magic drug or silver bullet to solve your health problems.

Plus, mainstream medicine isn't about healing what's causing your problems, it's about medications to control & not fix them...

Just Because It's "Normal" For Most Women To Suffer At Midlife Doesn’t Mean That It's Optimal...

Most women are not aware that optimal health is available at every age.  They see others suffering so they think that's the only option.  It's not... Stop settling for less than what's possible...

It Doesn’t Have To Be A Huge Commitment

It doesn’t take a lot of your time or money either. In just 7 Days and less than an hour a day, you can reset your metabolism and get the skills, motivation and savvy you need to get on the right track headed to your best health and life yet...

Hi, I'm Dr. Kyrin Dunston,

Years ago I was a busy OBGYN running a successful practice.  From the outside, I looked like I had it all.  On the inside....I felt like I was dying.....

I was obese, weighing 243 lbs, and had no life outside work and sleeping, which I did for 10 hours a day. Even though I was a wife and a Mom, my chronic pain, depression & anxiety and constant fatigue kept me from participating fully in life.

But... no matter what I did, I just couldn’t lose the weight and I was constantly tired. All the tests I ran came back "normal."

Even my doctor couldn’t help me. I felt hopeless, helpless, and lost. I dreaded getting out of bed every day.

Doctors tell you it’s "normal for your age" to feel tired and gain weight. You understand that your hormones are changing, but you feel like a stranger in your own skin , your sex drive is shot,
your health concerns are multiplying, and you this normal? 

Through a series of miraculous events I discovered a different type of medicine that addresses the root causes of health symptoms and disease using natural treatments and diagnoses using special tests I'd never heard of.  When I read about it I knew it was the truth and the right way to heal the body.

I committed right then and there to learn as much as I could about this type of medicine and to use it to heal myself.

And that's what I did...I became obsessed with uncovering the root causes of my symptoms and treating them naturally.

And then.....the weight started coming off, my energy began returning, my hair growing back and I started to feel at home in my skin and my life again.
Over two years,  I lost 100 pounds as menopause was beginning, healed all of my symptoms and got off all prescription medicines.

I looked and felt 20 years younger!

That was 10 years ago and now I'm keeping the promise I made to help as many women as possible to transform their health and their lives by sharing this powerful technology of root cause resolution medicine.

There's no reason that you have to suffer at midlife, not with weight gain, not with sagging energy, not with low sex drive or hair loss, not with any symptoms that interfere with you living your life to the fullest.

The truth is that with the right can feel as good in midlife as you did when you were in college!

I’m eager to help you jumpstart your midlife mojo & feel amazing in your body so that you can live your life to the fullest.....because you deserve it!


Dr. Kyrin

Some Of My Before & After Photos...


My proven system for women at midlife who want to balance their 

hormones, reset their metabolism and start to lose weight, regain energy, 

balance their moods, feel sexy & confident, look great and master midlife!


Live Group Coaching Program Starts Thursday, July 11, 2024

Learn My 7 Strategies To Transform Your Hormones & Your Health!

Without Ever Stepping Foot In A Doctor's Office!

Set Yourself Up For A BREAKTHROUGH...


DAY 1: Discover Your WHY: Uncover the ONE little-known factor that can stand in the way of you having the health and vitality you deserve. I’ll reveal exactly what it is and how to prevent it from affecting your weight, your energy and more so you can confidently move towards your best health yet!

DAY 2: Design Your Future & Banish Limiting Beliefs:  Dare to dream about what your health and life could look like. Learn to harness your infinite superpower to create the health & vitality of your dreams.


DAY 3: Reveal The Cause:  Discover how to know EXACTLY what's causing you to gain weight, feel tired, be moody, have low libido, hair & memory loss after 40...even though your doctor's telling you it's normal for your age & all your tests are "normal"!  

DAY 4: Health By Design: Not sure where to begin or the exact steps to health success and frustrated the trial and error method? Learn the two essential prescriptions every woman over 40 must have (that your doctor ISN’T TELLING YOU ABOUT...even if they are a well trained, caring person you've trusted for years) and how to get and use them so that you can program your body to release fat, sleep soundly, get your mojo back, feel sexy and confident as you age.

DAY #5: Setting Your Course:  That sinking confused feeling you get when pick an eating plan or supplement only to hear new information that makes you doubt your choice and ability to successfully navigate your health journey. Yeah, it’s time to get rid of that once and for all! I’ll give you a foolproof tool that will help you make confident decisions going forward so you can be certain and avoid costly mistakes.

DAY #6: Uncover The Truth:  When it comes to your health, it’s necessary to know truth from lies. I’ll teach you to “speak hormone” so that you are certain of the TOP 3 LIES about hormone therapy you believe that are keeping you STUCK & unhealthy...even if you've researched tons of hormone blogs, summits & podcasts and think you already know what's true & false so that you can easily navigate your path to hormone bliss


DAY #7: Map Your Path To Success:  Wondering how to put all this together by yourself (especially since you now know MORE THAN YOUR DOCTOR?) I’ll show you how to access the power of your network and wisdom of a guide to accelerate your results so that you can let go of uncertainty and frustration and get to your ideal weight, abundant energy and joy. Feel like you’re in control of your health again

In Just 7 Days

Women Have Achieved Incredible Results!

(and you could too!)

  • Reset your metabolism
  • ​Lose up to 5 pounds
  • ​Increase your energy
  • ​Balance your hormones & moods
  • ​Feel sexy & confident
  • Look great and master midlife

Lock In Your Spot Today 

& Get These Amazing Benefits:

  7 Daily Lessons so that you can learn the exact steps to take to unknot your hormones, begin to get out of hormonal poverty and feel confident that you’re making the right choices throughout your journey 

  Attend the Daily Interactive Q&A with me to get all your pressing questions answered so that you can go from confusion to clarity and confidence

  Assessments including Hormone Identifier Quiz, Toxicity Score & Hormonal Poverty Quiz so you can know where you are now and track your progress

Some Of Our Success Stories

 "This has truly been one of the most helpful and supportive classes I have taken...I have a roadmap now that makes sense to me." Erin F

"I'm so grateful I found this."  Amy

"I never thought I could make these lifestyle changes...but I was able to do it.  It gave me confidence and knowing that I can heal." Carrie S

"You will see results, and you will have an understanding that you never had before."  Eileen

"I lost 10 pounds...this is some of the best money you will ever spend." Geanine T 

"It's unbelievable the change that I feel."  Anne B

I'm a busy woman too...

This System Was Created With You In Mind

Simple Steps

I guide you through the exact steps that I took and use with all my clients to help them break through to success with their hormones, weight, energy, sleep, immune function and more.

Powerful Results

The steps I help you implement and the laser-focus of this training will help you take targeted personalized action to move your health in the right direction.

Easy Access

You're on the go - & so is this material! All of the videos and documents are easily accessible through your phone (or on your computer). Wherever, whenever.

Pretty Sure You're Gonna 

Love This...

You CAN do this & I'm excited to GUIDE you to success!

Still not sure it's working for you? 

No problem...It's ok... if you’re not 100% satisfied with the program within 7 days, I will offer 
you a refund!

But Wait.....There's More!

The program starts when you sign up

SIGN UP TODAY and you'll get these amazing bonuses!

Bonus #1


7 day Jumpstart Your Mojo roadmap to outline & track your journey to success 

($97 value!)

Bonus #2


Detailed assessments, daily lessons and action sheets to focus your success and accountability to yourself.

 ($47 value!)

Bonus #3


My private Facebook community so that you can interact with other midlife women and get support on your journey 

($197 value!)

I can’t wait to help you achieve incredible results in my program. 

Just see what these amazing ladies had to say about their experiences.

I am feeling better already. I feel like I'm on the right path to recovery... that I was never going to get through mainstream medicine."  Stacey F.

get the knowledge... it's invaluable and really helps you help yourself.”  Debbie C 

“My physicians have failed at putting it altogether for me”
I feel empowered...I would absolutely recommend this to a friend.”
Ashley H

"I feel EMPOWERED. I feel really, really good. I didn't believe much different my life could be."-
Maria D.

"She is very knowledgeable about women's health, hormone-replacement therapy and is open to alternative treatments."-Spring P.

TOTAL VALUE = ($5522)

hormone Balance Bliss Challenge

Only $47

7 live daily lessons with Q&A with Dr. Kyrin ...............(Value $4997)

Video Library of Lessons and Q & A Sessions ..................(Value $97)

Targeted Health Self Assessments................................... (Value $97)

Action Book ..........................................................................(Value $37)

Roadmap ..............................................................................(Value $97)


Private Community........................................................... (Value $197)

Total ..................................................................................(Value $5522)

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